Community Guidelines

Last updated May 12, 2024


We created Duolicious to be a dating app that fosters meaningful connections based on personality traits and shared interests. Our Community Guidelines are designed to ensure everyone can find meaningful connections, without compromising the safety and comfort of others.

These guidelines outline what is not permitted on Duolicious. All users must adhere to these rules, which apply to all aspects of our platform, including your profile, messages, and interactions.

Our moderators review reports from users. If someone breaches these guidelines, we may take various enforcement actions, including issuing warnings, removing content, suspending or terminating accounts, and potentially reporting them to law enforcement. We may also consider relevant behavior outside of our platform when assessing violations of specific Community Guidelines.

If you encounter any user, message, or behavior that seems to violate these guidelines, please report it to us immediately.

Duolicious’ Rules

1. Respect boundaries. Everyone has different comfort levels. As such, we prohibit the display of nudity, sexual content, expressions of sexual interests, or the solicitation of sexual encounters in public profiles. Private conversations may broach these topics, but only if all parties consent. Consent is paramount.

2. Be the real you. While you’re allowed to use an avatar, pretending to be someone else for any reason isn’t allowed. Misusing Duolicious for spreading false information, spamming harmful links, or sending unsolicited content is prohibited. Don’t create multiple accounts or use the app to deceive, scam, or solicit money or anything else from others. False reporting and using unauthorized apps to bypass system limitations are not allowed.

3. Be respectful. Conversations should be respectful, especially since you’re meeting people from all walks of life. If things get heated or you feel angered, take a moment to step back and think before you reply. We do not accept harassment, threats, bullying, intimidation, sharing someone’s personal information without consent, or any behavior aimed at deliberately hurting someone.

There’s no room for hate here. Acts of racism, intolerance, hate, or violence against anyone based on their personal characteristics, such as race, ethnicity, beliefs, disability, body shape, gender, age, or who they love, are completely unacceptable. If someone isn’t your type, skip them. Report only if you think our guidelines have been violated.

4. Be kind. Any suggestion, intention, or action that could harm another person, whether in person or online, is taken very seriously. This includes promoting harm in any way.

If someone’s behavior on the app has hurt you: first, make sure you’re safe; next, think about what you need to feel better, whether it’s holding someone accountable, getting support, or something else. If you decide to report this to us, know that we’re here to help.

5. Focus on personal, not professional, connections. Duolicious is not a platform for advertising, self-promotion, selling items, fundraising, or political campaigning. This also applies to sex work, escort services, or seeking financial arrangements. Duolicious is not the place to look for a suga baby.

6. No minors allowed. Duolicious is strictly for individuals 18 and older. This means no photos of children who are either on their own or unclothed, even if they’re old photos of yourself.

7. Follow the law. Illegal activities or content are completely off-limits. Prohibited activities include using Duolicious for buying or selling illegal substances, counterfeit items, or soliciting help to commit illegal acts. Activities involving minors or human trafficking are abhorrent and will result in immediate action.

8. No violence. We are advocates for a positive and uplifting environment and strictly prohibit any content related to violence. This includes depictions or descriptions of violent acts (towards people or animals), use of weapons, or any content that celebrates or encourages self-harm.

9. Share your own content. Only post photos or messages if you have permission from everyone involved. Respect copyright and trademark laws; if you didn’t create it and don’t have permission, don’t post it.


If you encounter someone causing harm, making you uncomfortable, or violating our Community Guidelines, please report it. We keep reports confidential and take them seriously to maintain a safe environment for everyone.


Our Community Guidelines are crucial for the safety and integrity of our community. We’re committed to enforcing them through warnings and, if necessary, account terminations for severe or repeated violations. We may investigate and terminate accounts without refunding any purchases if misuse of our service or behavior violating our guidelines or Terms of Use is discovered, including actions or communications outside of the service involving individuals met through Duolicious.