Frequently Asked Questions

Why use a dating app like Duolicious to start a relationship?

There's plenty of dating apps out there: Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid, Boo, Hinge. To be honest, we think they're all great apps to find a date online. So with all those amazing options, why choose Duolicious to meet new people?

It's simple! Duolicious is the dating app that lets you find love by personality! Our fun personality quiz helps you meet like-minded people, and shows you a new match for every answer you give.

While we use the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Duolicious isn't only an MBTI-based dating app—Duolicious is a Big Five based dating app too! In fact, we use 47 different personality traits to help you meet the right people. Our traits cover politics, values, ethics, and more! That's why we think Duolicious is the best personality-based dating app around.

So whether you want to date an INTP or an ESFJ, or you don't care about that and just want to date a foodie like you, we've got you covered! Whether you're looking for short-term dating, a serious relationship, marriage, or anything in between, our algorithm understands you like a bestie so you can meet people who get you.

How does the Duolicious matching algorithm work?

Duolicious asks you a bunch of questions about your personality, political alignment, habits, and so on. Based on those answers, Duolicious matches you with people similar to you. If you're curious to know more, we go in-depth in our blog article (including a bunch of math), explaining how the algorithm works.

Why does Duolicious match me with similar people? I thought opposites attract!

Opposites do attract in some sense—That's called sexual dimorphism, and it refers to the observation that males and females tend to be different in height, weight, body proportions, and a bunch of other characteristics. But even among sexually dimorphic traits, people tend to date others who are similar to them—And that's called assortative mating.

Our blog article has a neat example of this. It has a chart from a study of couples' heights showing how people can be attracted to "opposite" and "similar" traits at the same time. Even though men in the study tended to be taller than the women they married, their heights were still more similar than if they partnered-up at random.

We're often asked to include a way to search for people with specific personality traits because opposites attract, so hopefully this explanation has convinced you that you'll get better matches just by letting the algorithm work its magic!

Why is Duolicious telling me someone already used my intro?

Duolicious is a dating app where opening messages need to be one-of-a-kind! That means if anyone on Duolicious already started a conversation by using "hi", then everyone who opens a conversation after that will have to pick a different intro. We think having totally unique openers is a fun way to encourage thoughtful messages that the person you're messaging will love—And they'll be more likely to reply to you too!

Messages after the first one in a conversation can be whatever you want.

Can I see who liked me on Duolicious?

Nope! Duolicious doesn't even have likes! Instead, you introduce yourself by sending a message. Everyone can send and receive as many messages as they want, for free.

Why doesn't Duolicious have likes?

Duolicious uses messages instead of "likes" because we want you to date people genuinely interested in you. Because sending a message is a tiny bit harder than sending a "like", that makes it a lot more likely that the person messaging you is sincerely interested in dating you!

How many questions does Duolicious have?

Duolicious has a personality test containing 2005 questions. Even though our dating quiz is pretty in-depth, we made sure not to sacrifice fun, so we've got some good ones like this:

Can I use Duolicious on a desktop computer

Of course! The Duolicious app works on your desktop or laptop, and has all the same features as the mobile version.

What platforms is Duolicious available on?

Duolicious is available via our web app, Google Play and the App Store.

Is Duolicious free?

Duolicious is completely free and has no ads! We believe everyone deserves to find love, whether you're rich, poor, or Scrooge McDuck.

How does Duolicious make money?

Duolicious is funded entirely by donations. If you want to support the project, you can donate to Duolicious via Ko-fi.